Shamanic Tango – Summer retreat

13th – 17th June 2019

Transformational weekend in a vibrant venue near Paris!

La Ferme de Revin Blue
7, rue Turgot. 77520 Montigny-Lencoup

With Biljana Lipic
in collaboration with Delia Spatareanu, George Bradley-Peer and Alexandra Zierle

Shamanic Tango is a way to explore and practice the art of relating in an intuitive, embodied and regenerative way. It’s main aim being self-revelation.

The method employs movement with sound based creative practices and psycho-somatic techniques, as well as indigenous and archaic shamanic technologies of ecstasy, healing and community making.

Through mindful and imaginative explorations of our experience as a soul within the body and the body within the soul, we come together to experience authenticity within the consciousness of unity as an individual, as a couple and as a tribe. In a safe holding we learn to surrender to poetic beauty, erotic intelligence and the wisdom of interrelated life – within and outwith.

Please note: All care is taken for these retreats to bring rejuvenation and healing, and that everyone emerges out of them with their needs met. However, it is important to note that they are not therapy sessions, hence everyone is invited to hold and to own their own process, and to participate as much or as little as they need to.

Designed over decades of extensive work with people and groups, study and research, as well as personal practice, these unique retreats and workshops are open to all the curious souls who are committed to the task. Please note that you do not need to have an experience of either shamanism or tango dance to join in, although some experience of either of these practices can be helpful! 

La Ferme de Revin Blue is a lovingly converted farm, imaginative and comfortable space, at about an hour’s distance from Paris.

Our food will be vegan and prepared by our own cooking artist /alchemist Alexandra Zierle, with us onsite. Other diets will also be catered for, if you let us know in advance.

The fee is €350 (inclusive of food, accommodation and guidance) and a non-refundable deposit of €150 is payable in advance. Some concessionary places are available for those unable to pay the full fee.

Spaces are limited so booking is essential.

To book, please contact Biljana on

or 07966 457 863

We look forward to meeting you there!

Biljana Lipic is a dancer between worlds.

Born in former Yugoslavia, and has been living in the UK since the country’s break up through war. She experiences herself as someone inhabiting the spaces between cultures, identities and lands – a permanent wanderer always at home.

Coming from an interdisciplinary perspective, her artistic and teaching practice are grounded in embodied encounters, which are informed by her extensive experience and formal knowledge of Argentine Tango and performance based creative practices, as well as spiritual process, but not solely framed by them. She is an initiate in the little known, mystical shamanic tradition – Path of Pollen.

Her professional creative experience and her shamanic practice spans over 20 years. She has played a major role in creating the tango community around the UK and has also taught internationally. As well as been an independent dance theatre maker, she has worked for TV & independent film as a performing artist and coach. 

She holds space in an open, spacious and playful way that is firmly grounded in values of honesty, integrity and inner sovereignty. She believes that in order to meet the uncertainty of our future in an empowering way, we need to rediscover a sense of home in a more than human universe, as well as make the interdependent way of being our living reality. 

Delia Spatareanu is an independent artist interested in a trans-disciplinary approach between scientific research and the embodied practices of photography, anatomy and creative movement. Delia is interested in opening conversations on ecology of the body, human nature and delicate activism, rooted in her experience in Argentine Tango, Body-Mind Centering® and Spiritual Ecology.

George Bradley Peer is a musician and artist currently performing with Shallal, an inclusive community Dance Theatre. On his life journey he says, “My love of sound, of seeing, of wondering continues to steer my life towards new kinds of being. What is the next right thing to do? I am making friends with myself and the world around me. It is here I step, stumble and even run towards something deep inside that says, Yes.” 

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