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Explore the Art of Love..

with Biljana Lipic

I’ve found rich soil where I can bloom. – Jodi Feist King
I have been to the moon and back! – Alison Fleming

Let us not adopt some facile, narrowly psychological view of our lives. The radical dimension I speak of demands everything we are and have. Joy, not happiness, is its fruit. – Charlotte Jako Beck

Drop into the honey of infinite being. Move deeper in love. Journey in connection.

We invite you to gather, this time in a vibrant venue near the city of love, Paris – to creatively and spiritually explore Love in its infinite forms. The Shaman’s map of consciousness, ecstatic and healing techniques and the movement metaphor of Argentine tango will be our gateways to these higher vibrational heart encounters and adventures.

Indoors, outdoors, together and alone – Immersing into our presence through the body and senses, we shall be sharing beautiful space, eating nourishing food, spending time with-in nature.. Also, walking, dancing, playing, meditating, whilst at the same time engaging our mind with symbols and meaning in movement. Gently nudging the parts of our soul, which have separated themselves from the inter-connected oneness of all life, sharing together in circle, in ancient healing and ceremony, we shall come back home, to our infinitely re-source-ful sense of wholeness and heart.

Although incredibly simple at its core, answering the call of Love (which is often dormantly waiting in our very bones and cells) is the most radical act of freedom! An act that requires sensitivity, sensuality and compassion. It calls for deep honesty, playful curiosity and courage, but also willingness to do the work, as well as trust in what lies beyond the known. 

Secure in the guidance and support of those who came before us, allowing these fruits to ripen and their juices to run in our own minds and bodies, our communities, within our creative practices, relationships and lives… is a beautiful way to truly anchor us on our journeys, whilst gracefully awakening us to the primal joy at seeing ourselves embraced by life’€™s beauty, as part of it’s infinite dance.


Biljana Lipic is an artist, teacher, director.. creative entrepreneur and shamanic guide.. dancer between the worlds. Born in a country that doesn’t exist anymore, she embodies a life in between countries, cultures, identities and lands, but finds home in our common humanity and the universal soul.

Alongside a carrier in graphic design, pursuing her passion for Argentine tango, she has played a major role in creating its communities across the UK and internationally. Besides running workshops and one of the most popular tango clubs in London, she has also created critically acclaimed theatre show, as well as worked for BBC, ITN and in film industry as a performer and a coach.

A life long spiritual seeker, her creative dancing spirit led her into a honeyed embrace of the Path of Pollen, shamanic way of the bee. Her profound experiences of awakening into the true nature of reality, led to a creation of Shamanic Tango, a synthesis of the ancient and modern, spiritual and embodied, feminine and masculine ways into expanded consciousness and a realised way of being.

Biljana is known for her adventurous, playful and visionary spirit as well as her warmth, openness and inclusiveness of the heart. Her aims are always integrity and authenticity, acceptance and equanimity, yet experienced with passion and curiosity. Both leading and following, she loves to inspire as well as be open to change.

7, rue Turgot. 77520 Montigny-Lencoup

PRICE: 380 Euros Early bird discount 350 Euros till 15th October. Places limited. Booking deposit 100 Euros
The price includes facilitation, accommodation, food.

Bookings and further enquiries: 
+44 7966 457 863

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