Argentine Tango

A feeling that can be danced..

Argentine tango is an improvised dance, in which people are finely attuned to their own body and mind and also their partner’s. It does not end there as the attunement includes the needs and desires of everyone in the dance.

The connections occur through non-verbal, sense-based communication, the space between the dancers activated through imagination. Hand to hand, nervous system to nervous system, with a minimal, walk-based structure in place, the dance can flow seamlessly and effortlessly as it is co-ordinated by subtle perceptions, shared rhythms, energy and what the heart knows.

When practiced, tango can lead to insights, transformation and an experience of oneness. It can also lead to a better understanding of our relationship dynamics and provide us with tools, which can help us gain and cultivate embodied perspectives and relational intimacy in life. 

To learn and practice tango with me as your teacher/guide in a group setting see the events bellow. Alternatively book a private session with me. I am also available for teaching national and international weekend workshops, and for mentoring online. My sessions are ways to learn and improve your tango form and technique, but also to work with embodiment, energy, creative expression and relational dynamics. 


Ready to Re-Wild Your Tango?

Ready to Re-Wild Your Tango?

The second in the series of novel playshops for tango dancers and other curious movement explorers, who are interested in re-generating their dance, as well as the quality of their life

2nd September 2023 [11am – 10pm]

@ Ponsanooth Hall, St Michael’s Rd, Ponsanooth, Truro TR3 7EE

Life is the art of moving in relationships. Tango is too. Untangle where you feel stuck in the dance, and you improve the quality of your life.

Dare to Be Tango!

Dare to Be Tango!

A series of novel playshops for tango dancers

– with Biljana Lipic

22nd April 2023 [11am – 5pm] + other dates TBC.

@ Little Narabo, Devoran, Cornwall, TR3 6NF

Tango is an intuitive and improvised way of moving, relating and creating from our hearts. Yet, we tend to go to workshops to learn it by forcing our bodies into rigid shapes. We drill in dance patterns and end up compulsively repeating them.

My own love affair with movement and dance was forged in my early childhood. My creative relationship with Argentine tango however, coincided with my immigrant’s journey, which begun almost 30 years ago, in London. There were not many of us dancing tango then!

I have played a pioneering role in the British tango scene, as well as in Serbia. I have ignited many tango dance communities and my unique educational approach to social dance has been internationally recognized. I founded and ran the Zero Hour, one of the most popular tango clubs in London and worldwide; and my biggest theatre piece La Milonga Interna was critically acclaimed at the Madeira Festival 2004. Working with tango as my muse, I also collaborated with other British artists and made solo installation art. As a performer and a dance coach I appeared on TV working for the BBC, ITN as well as Hollywood film productions. My first screen-play that involved tango has placed in the quarter finals of the Raindance, London film festival.

At present I live a simple life, dwelling on a houseboat in Cornwall, UK.

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