Our most influential teacher in the UK

We think of Biljana as our most influential teacher in the UK. Her workshops seem to leave students with things that permanently improve their dancing. Her teaching techniques are incredibly informative and her wealth of experience means she almost instantly sees what students need and is able to work both systematically and creatively to help them improve.
Pauline and Geoffrey Hudson, UK

Very inspiring and refreshing

Biljana is a great instructor with profound understanding of the dance, inspiring enthusiasm and passion.. I took three classes from her and loved them all. She was not just teaching steps, but spent a lot of efforts helping students to understand the movement itself… how it is generated within our bodies, how different parts of the body work together to produce smooth, relaxed and enjoyable movement.. I found it very inspiring and refreshing.
Sasha, USA

Adventures beyond what I thought was possible

I loved your workshop. It struck me that you really take care of the human being and as a result everybody was completely at ease. And that is a great starting point not just for improving tango technique but for adventures beyond what I thought was possible. I came away not just refreshed but enriched with wonderful insights and relationships, plus with much better Tango too!
Kim Bour, UK

Feeling much enriched

The first time you meet Biljana you feel like you have been her friend all your life. She has that very rare gift of being completely open hearted, warm and welcoming. I love going to her workshops which are challenging at times but always fun. I leave feeling much enriched; that the time spent was not enough, and looking forward to the next adventure.
Nicky Scott, UK

Mind blowing

Sitting down with cake & cream after the most immense Tango weekend. Wow! Those workshops were mind blowing. Biljana you are simply amazing. Thank you for another incredible weekend. My Tango cloud is so lovely. Huge thanks – such a privilege to work with you… Tango Goddess!
Essie-Jo, UK

She invests herself in your growth

Biljana’s teaching takes you on a gentle journey into the essence of Tango. She teaches you connection through technique and musicality. Biljana is more than a teacher, she invests herself in your growth as a dancer and you will want to go back again and again to hone technique which is not about patterns of steps but the freedom to improvise and find the Tango in yourself. She is very lovely too!
Sally Griffin, UK

Ahh bliss

How wonderful your workshops in Colwall (Tango Malvern) were, how lovely your teaching style, to be given time to arrive in the moment, ready for the embrace, ahh bliss.
Katherine Kavanagh, UK

Biljana is a joy to learn from.

Beryl Kirk, UK


Fantastic Scorching class & Milonga with Biljana Lipic @ Tango Stoke (Stokie’s Tango Dojo).
Mike, UK

Really inspiring

Thank you for the last workshop, I so enjoyed it. Such a lovely mix of people and I love the way you approach your teaching – it’s really inspiring.
Claire Stronach, USA

From the heart and soul

The pleasure was ours Biljana, you are an amazing teacher that teaches from the heart and soul. You helped us all immensely to know the real meaning of Tango, not just the steps, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are now on my list of great Tango teachers.
Julie Jenkins, UK

Generosity and freedom sharing

It was a heavenly workshop and has been such a source of uplift and nourishment that it has changed the feel of the dance for me, something much more enjoyable and imaginative. Thank you so much for your generosity and freedom sharing.
Ridley Janis, UK

Insightful gems

I’m like an over excited puppy at the thought of Biljana’s workshops today, and I don’t even know what I am going to be learning yet! Time to pin back my ears, switch my brain to receive and stash as many of the insightful gems she is renowned for just dropping into classes as I can mentally carry. Wow! What a weekend. Biljana shone this weekend, and we all just soaked her up… topping up our Tango-tans! This weekend has been like no other at Tango Stoke… totally sublime. You could hear the brains going •ping• as everyone had their own epiphany moment. “
Nath Stoke Bloke, USA

A dream, that shifts possibilities

I want to thank you again for the precious inspirations of Saturday. It remains with me, almost as a dream, that shifts possibilities…..I was very touched by a new opening, to some magic that I hadn’t yet anticipated in Tango. A realm opened up and I stepped through. The dance I knew to be profoundly touching, now has even more unimaginable scope…! A tiny glimpse. All in a brief day in Chagford!…Thank you, much, for a precious introduction. How I yearn for this stepping through….
Rebekah Rivers, UK

Perceptive, intuitive and articulate.. Magic demystified

To verbalise body movement and feeling like you do is incredibly difficult, its like seeing the necker cube without seeing the necker cube. The aha! moment when the magic is demystified and the eureka! is exquisitely felt is intense. Thats the Friday journey you take us all on at BeeSpace.

We are so lucky to have such a perceptive, intuitive and articulate teacher. I both admire you as a teacher and thank you for sharing your gift.
Roger and Emma Miller, UK

Tremendously nurturing and useful.. fun loving and intuitive.. masterful guidance and insights

In the last year, I have attended at least five workshops and i have had six private lessons, with Biljana Lipic. Every single one of these workshop and private lesson experiences, have been tremendously nurturing and useful for me in my Tango practice! Biljana’s openhearted, fun loving and intuitive approach to teaching, makes it a joy to attend Biljana’s workshops and private lessons. Biljana’s masterful guidance and insights, around my physical, creative and emotional awareness, has allowed my Tango dancing to move leaps and bounds in just one year! I would therefore wholeheartedly recommend Biljana, for Tango workshops and private lessons. Biljana is truly a master, in the Art of Tango!
Terry Brightwater, UK

Eye-opening lessons that take one to the HEART of tango

What an awesome beautiful spirit you are. I really felt that, and you made it so easy to connect with you and your teaching. Thank you. I loved your holistic approach and your focus on what is underneath, inside, between and around the dance and the dancers. Not just the structure of the dance. Amazing and powerful and beautiful. Thank you.

Inspirational! A pleasure to b taught by you.

Thank you for dancing with me last night B. You really helped me to find my space in the room.

Thank you for the most eye-opening lessons that take one to the HEART of tango – bless you!

I so loved listening to your explanations/descriptive language/spiritual side. Please do a TedX Talk so I can tune in for more.

Thank you very much for the informative lessons you gave.

Thank you… awesome teaching!

I absolutely loved your attitude, energy and teaching. Thank you.

Thank you for helping me through this first proper attempt at tango. Your kindness, patience, sense of humour, and support has been greatly appreciated.

I have had the best weekender ever. I have had more dances this weekend than any other that I attended.

About halfway through our dance on Sunday I realised that we had broken every rule in the book.. dancing like kids, waving our arms in the air without a care in the world. I was utterly transported, the other people in the room melted away and for the first time in months I felt completely free, a freedom that my spirit and soul had missed without me even realising. Thank you for that, I have leaky eyes just thinking about it. Bless you for sharing that with me, giving ,e the opportunity to just let the music flood our little embrace and see where it took us. Soul lifted, spirit gifted, dance. I will never forget that gift of utter joy.
Anonimous messages written on the Whisper Cards at the 1st Alt Tango Weekender at Stokie’s Tango Club

Dance-enhancing and thought-provoking

My experience of Biljana is that she is a dedicated teacher who gives immense commitment to all who come to learn from her. She teaches simultaneously the feeling as well as the technique of Tango. It seems to me that she has spent much time and profound thought figuring out what happens deep in the body when tango is danced well. She transfers this to her students in ways which are clearly understandable and accessible. Her teaching is dance-enhancing and thought-provoking. Her classes are serious and intense but warm and friendly at the same time – everyone is given some personal tuition and no one is allowed to feel left out.
Christine Graham-Vivian, UK


Would do it again in a heartbeat

The combination of Biljana’s open heart and expertise in Shamanic Tango created an enriching experience that opened up multiple vulnerabilities and perspectives for myself to this day. I’m hugely grateful to have shared this experience with people who became my family and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Maria Evans, UK

I have never moved like that with anyone in my life

I have never moved like that with anyone in my life. Whilst moving, I had enough awareness outside the movement to simultaneously be awed by the beauty of what was happening. To feel like my body knew how to do it by itself, enough to let me ride in it, mesmerised. I certainly fell in love with our ability to dance, and I crave more of it.
Trev Miller, UK

The most beautiful feeling which I will never forget

Sometimes when I find myself alone with trees, in nature, in the garden, on the terrace, I remember how I was touching tree trunks and grass in a way I had never known before, and which I never would have known if it wasn’t for your workshop. That I would extract as the most beautiful feeling which I will never forget.
Snezana Gavric, Serbia

Connected me with the grain of the beginning

I was inspired during the process, frustrated, calm, annoyed, perplexed, lost, found, ecstatic, numb, but what I really felt was a sense of purpose without meeting a challenge. It was a wonder-full moment of processes and at the end, when we sat together in a circle, I realised a channel had opened in me that had been unknown to me before. I felt open… strangely open… …one thing that came through was ‘being’ from all levels of our existence. This was important in my process as it connected me with the grain of the beginning. … It was an amazing moment of some minutes and something that I will treasure forever. I got an insight (or clarification?!) of what it – life/movement/love can be amongst people.
Nicola Zierle, UK

It has loosened the grip of the methodical right-sided control of my thoughts

I very much enjoyed the experience of walking outside in the moonlight, walking silently as a group, creeping through the twisting high stone walled path, opening your senses to the limited vision, feeling the earth under foot with a greater keenness. I also found myself in the silence drifting off into my own thoughts and life worries. Realizing now my attentiveness is a skill, that I don’t practice often. The positive feeling is it has loosened the grip of the methodical right-sided control of my thoughts. My visual sharpness and fascination in the world around me has been really beneficial to my creative artwork. Less doubts as to whether views that catch my eye are worthy subjects to focus on and a more spontaneous playful approach.
Darrel Sherlock, UK

I like to think I’m a kinder person, kinder to my self and others

I really found it inspiring and enjoyable. The venue was brilliant – warm and welcoming – as were the people. I had the feeling of rediscovering my interest in nature and boosting my senses of smell, touch and taste It was as if I was seeing and hearing things for the first time and exploring like a child would. Most of all i found more connection with Gerald and our dancing has improved (and is more enjoyable) as a result. This might not be noticeable to the onlooker but I feel it in my body and movement. I like to think I’m a kinder person, kinder to my self and others. Thank you (and Alison and Fabian) for such a good time. I often think back on different aspects of the weekend. When are you holding another one?
Carol Jones, UK

My hands have extended and are now able to embrace the whole world

Shamanic drum entranced me. It was the first time I heard that sound and it left a remarkably strong impression on me. From one side freedom to go anywhere, and from another safety of the anchor, the ground, the tangible, which doesn’t let us wander off and it is there like some lighthouse that always points us towards the known. To be stretched between two different energies, open to their flow, like a bubble in a spirit level – it can move up, or down, or peacefully stand here and keep the whole universe in balance. I seem, from the workshop onwards, calmer, somehow deeper, and still lighter, more relaxed. I feel a bit more connected with some elastic threads with the world around me, but not with its superficial layer, which often carries a lot of negative and frustrating ‘on the first throw’, but with the axis of things and all around me. Thank you for helping me feel as if my hands have extended and are now able to embrace the whole world!
Vesna Gojakovic, Serbia

I’ve learnt about the importance of connection between the spirit and the body

A full letting go of oneself, through getting to know others and togetherness, and in the end a cleaner return to a more individuated self. A better feeling of others. An interaction of the individual and the collective consciousness. Before the workshop I have thought a lot about movement and walking, through Tango. Here that gained another meaning, view from a different angle. I’ve learnt about the importance of connection between the spirit and the body. My movement is now lead by a different energy and significance. A wish, imagination, projection, will, breath and in the end the movement. From the head, the body, from the earth. Until now I have thought in one way: about the ‘technique’ of movement and steps, and experienced it, but this is something completely different, and beautifully complements everything else for me. I can’t wait for another workshop. In short it was different, special, new, beautiful, joyful, relaxed, very interesting, unforgettable feeling and experience. A lot of that, so maybe I don’t even remember everything, but it will probably keep coming.
Vladimir Perovic, Serbia

Healthy for anyone at any point in life

This kind of opening up, of letting go of one’s fears, is healthy for anyone at any point in life and can be applied to whatever one wants to improve. … the Shamanic Tango workshops, which require more time and involvement than ordinary lessons, ‘cut deeper’ into the participants’ mental and physical awareness. It is therefore likely that the Shamanic Tango approach actually speeds up the process of developing one’s dancing skills (which are inseparable from other aspects of one’s life). I am not suggesting that Biljana has come up with ‘the magic formula’. Essentially, each participant needs to put the effort and courage into achieving a positive change. What Biljana does seem to have achieved, however, is to create an environment in which this kind of personal development may occur. I have yet to discover to full meaning of the Shamanic Tango workshop – what it means for me personally, as a dancer and an academic, as well as for us as a group. I have a strong feeling it will lead us all in interesting new directions, or strengthen a path one is already on.
Mia Jensen, Denmark

I felt a beginning, a wave of happiness

…. this is ideal for me, through more awareness of the points in the body and how to use them, through the senses and exactly with imagination through the feeling to come to the true technique and definition… and what is best, that which I have done in this way and made conscious somehow stays there, written in the body, I don’t necessarily need to memorize how I would repeat the same. Thus I would place this work into a work on the technique ‘from within’. …and placing all that into a metaphoric concept enthrals me, and I got an idea that in tango whilst I dance I don’t only have an opportunity to enjoy that dance as a dance, but I have my own Tango mission too, in relationship to the space, the partner and before everything in relationship to myself. Whilst I was drawing I felt myself as if I was flowing. And I think that sense of creation came also because of another feeling, or sensation – which is that I felt connected with the group and it was as if we were somehow entwined together, there was like a sort of energetic charge, something was moving between us, but I cannot say much more about it, although I well remember that moment and feeling! …I felt that all was so good and meaningful for all of us…. I felt it was important… I felt a beginning, a wave of happiness… I want more! I want to know and understand the world and myself and the possibilities and all that, but precisely through the wisdom like it is Shamanism, like all similar old traditional values and knowledge… Precisely because of them I want to progress and to add what I can, hence I can’t wait for another shamanic experience!”
Jelena Tasic, Serbia

I was obviously outside my normal comfort zone but I really enjoyed the experience

The weekend experience was a new venture for me. I didn’t really know what to expect before we came. I trusted you based on our previous experiences together! I enjoyed myself and the general ambience very much! The dancing/movement elements where we interpreted words/sentences in improvised movement were certainly a new experience and challenge for me! I was obviously outside my normal comfort zone but I really enjoyed the experience! I also thoroughly enjoyed our mindful walking in the woods and down to Lamorna Cove. The opportunity to dance tango with you was a special experience for me. I felt very privileged to have this opportunity for special attention and focus on interaction, connection and musicality! It will also help me to keep a future focus on the emotional side of tango and not feel too inhibited by my technical limitations. You are quite special in this respect! The food and accommodation together with the location were excellent and exceeded our expectations. The house had a friendly ambience and was kept nice and warm! The piano was a surprise bonus! The Mayan cacao experience with Alison was also memorable! I felt a deep sense of warmth, relaxation and caring around me! I had a deep sleep that night and felt my mind/emotions were in a good place! I will definitely take benefits from the weekend into my future tango – more focus on emotional aspects and less judgmental about my technical deficiencies/limitations. I will also take some benefits into my piano playing through improved focus on musicality and relaxed movement whilst playing. I will also see better cross benefits from my interests in yoga/music/tango in a more holistic way. More of experiences to embrace and enjoy rather than step by step technical improvement! I also appreciated our social time and sharing life perspectives and experiences together! I do not really have any serious critical points! I would like to come to future events!
Gerald Jones, UK

I feel stronger and more confident in my internal power of light and blessing, I emit in the world

I was falling down a well to reach the internal most sacred and profound cave of mine, at the bottom of which I was to find an azure pond, enlightened by a bright blue light, filling up the space with the feeling of serenity. While dissolving myself into that sacred space with a deep joy, I was trying to visualise my internal guide, where my own deep spiritual voice was stemming from… I was looking around intently, but could not see a creature… until I gave up searching… And then there was this calm blue creature to slightly appear from transparency, quietly sitting on a rock nearby the pond’s shore, looking at me with a soft smile…with gentle wings like of a dragonfly, hugging its legs tenderly with its head bended on one side. What an elfin creature, I admired!… emitting such an empathy towards me! My heart opened wide shining in a profound smile… it was me. Thanks to that great visionary that I have undergone with you (us all there), around the fire in that night, listening to the non-missing drum of yours, I feel stronger and more confident in my internal power of light and blessing, I emit in the world! We had a real wonder-full time together there at the beach of that mountain lake, finding our ways to other people, and after all to ourselves… Woow! Yes, it is a great remembrance!… all the way, with tiny little steps, and the incredible divine “scenography”…! Thank you so much for leading us this way.
Polina Kireva, Bulgaria

I have been to the moon and back

I had the most amazing, magical, dynamic, healing, expressive, playful time.. that way exceeded any expectations I may have had.. a truly life changing experience that is slowly sinking in.. I have been to the moon and back!
Alison Fleming, UK

Deeper experiences that mark the future trails

It was the perfect choice for my birthday, I now have a new momentum for all following in my next year. Deeper experiences that marks the future trails… Thank You, Biljana!
Sorin Negrea, UK

It was magical, unique.. even better than I ever imagined

Thank you Biljana and everyone !! for such a totally wonderful weekend, I want to keep the good feelings flowing !! It was magical, unique… even better than I ever imagined.
Claire Roberry, UK

I haven’t yet met anyone or anything that has influenced me so much to accept myself and others and to awake

I haven’t yet met anyone or anything that has influenced me so much to accept myself and others and to awake. It is incredible how much something I don’t fully understand changes me to that extent. I am happy I don’t understand and don’t even try to. I think that in all that from above to bellow can be seen how much all is complicated and hard yet how much good it can bring. It can be seen what and who the borders serve – ego. Thank you for not letting me give up.
Aleksandra Ljubinkovic, Serbia

Relaxed look

One colleague asked if I had done some treatment on my face because of my relaxed look!
Birgitta Rickardsson, Serbia

Absolutely gorgeous experience

3 Days of ‘Shamanic Tango’ with our beautiful Biljana Lipic and all these lovely souls – wow! What can I say? Speechless hehe (unusual for moi) I certainly begun to discover and embrace much more of the spirit of me, as well as the spirit of Tango – by the end (in between tripping up quite a bit!) I was flying around in Tango – absolutely gorgeous experience. Love and heartfelt gratitudes to all.
John Jamieson, UK