My Vision

“I think we could make more room for spirituality in our society and in the way we relate to each other. Creativity and artistic expression, at its height, is a form of spiritual expression, an attempt to push the ego and intellect to one side and channel something collective. [More like] what spiritual healers or witch doctors [might have done in the past] – it’s a ritualised performance that invokes our ancestors, and the people that brought us here, in order to heal personal and collective trauma.”

— Riz Ahmed

In my vision, Earth is home of embodied artists who know in their wild hearts that they are children, as well as guardians of nature. Bursting forth from within their mystical hearth, their innermost garden, in which everything and everyone is inter and intra-connected, their art is also a soul-making act through which the alchemy of cosmic flow{er}ing happens. 

They step out of their own way and see in-to the dark. In order to ignite and cultivate intimacy with the prima-materia out of which all life and creativity spring – they turn to body and movement exploration, creative practices, spirituality and ritual in order to turn their embodied imagination into re-generative life of self-realisation. In that way, they heal the trauma of the past and contribute towards cultural and societal transformation. Their action – a co-creation, a personal and wholehearted declaration of their complex humanity, a dance.

Join me in community! I am a multi-disciplinary artist, cultural innovator, internationally recognised Argentine tango performer/teacher and critically acclaimed writer/director. I am also an initiate of Lyceum, the ancient shamanic way bridging the Eastern and the Western European mystical traditions, and body-whispering transformational guide. Too, I am a trauma survivor, a creative nomad in exile and a boat-dweller, but most of all an insatiably curious, playful human – a soul-friend.

I invite you into the beauty of inner depth, expanded perception and inspired action through the serious fun of natural movement, dance & art, film & story-telling, innovative transformational experiences, and well-being sanctuaries. My body of work is concerned with re-generation, the psychology of transitions and the ways we can move through the crises of imagination, individually and as a collective. My intent – to foster a re-generative culture through embodied, artistic and spiritual practices and forge new pathways of social visibility for the creatives working on the edges of themselves and society. For, at the precipice of our times, our world needs it. C. G. Jung said: “Nothing in the human psyche is more destructive than unrealised, unconscious creative impulses. When it is a question of mass psychosis, nothing but new, creative conceptions, brought up from the depth, can stop the development toward a catastrophe

Thus, let us re-generate as contemporaries able to transform our archaic roots into our becoming. Weaving the threads of memory and desire, poetics and politics, agency and sensitivity, let us build safe containers within which we can step into creative encounters with the unconscious. Thus, in unity within diversity, let us re-member wholeness and birth into visible original insights. Authentic and intellectually humble, by giving voice to the voiceless, within and in the world, let us together/alone learn to truly thrive, keeping the Human Dream alive.

Societies never know it, but the war of an artist with his society is a lover’s war, and he does at his best, what lovers do, which is to reveal the beloved to himself and, with that revelation, to make freedom real.

— James A. Baldwin