Capturing life as a moving story..


These are the photographs I took during my student years in London, the time I also begun seeking the depths of movement and intensity in Argentine Tango..

Fishermen’s Hands

These are the photographs I took as part of a residency program during the Newlyn Arts Festival 2014. The photographs were also exhibited at the Newlyn Art Gallery’s Cafe 10th – 21st February 2015. 

During the residency, using photography, I observed and attempted to ‘catch’ the Newlyn (Cornwall’s biggest fishing port) fishermen’s characters and life stories, as embodied through their hands. I moved about the village to find the fishermen in their working and leisure environments. My goal was to capture, in as personal and intimate way as possible, aspects of the individual and communal characteristics of these men, who are also some of our last hunters. 

I would like to thank the fishermen of Newlyn, especially Nathan Johns, for their help and enthusiasm invested into this project. 


Art of Nature

My way of seeing nature…