Biljana Lipić

Embodied Imagination in Action

I am a dance artist, teacher, writer / director and mentor working internationally
at the intersection of embodiment, arts and spirituality.
I invite you to tend and cultivate your bodymind as the garden of your imagination
and from there re-imagine the flow(er)ing relationship with yourself, others and the world.
By ways of seeing with the eyes of your soul’s mystical hearth I invite you to step into creative encounters
at the edges of the unknown. Whether you think of yourself as an artist or not, I invite you
through sound, movement, action, image or language, through making a home or a nourishing meal,
to fully embrace your wild, often wounded and wise You!
Let us alone/together explore the numinous depths of being human in a more-than-human universe.
In that way, let us heal traumas of the past, birth forth original insights and
co-create a world in service of the thriving nature – from the inside out.
Join me in this moving, character-full and soul-igniting artventure!


Move with Curiosity…

Argentine Tango

Group and private lessons | Mentoring | Events

Argentine tango is an improvised dance, in which people are finely attuned to their own body and mind and also their partner’s. It does not end there as the attunement includes the needs and desires of everyone in the dance. The connections occur through non-verbal, sense-based communication, the space between the dancers activated through imagination. Hand to hand, nervous system to nervous system, with a minimal, walk-based structure in place, the dance can flow seamlessly and effortlessly as it is co-ordinated by subtle perceptions, shared rhythms, energy and what the heart knows.

shamanic tango

One-2-one and group encounters | Retreats | Journeys

Shamanic Tango is a deep dive into our desires, the erotic/participatory intelligence of life and the creative fire of self-transformation. It is a way to intimately see into and re-member ourselves in essence, as sensory beings, and through embodied imagination merge with our most vital energy of love, which is animating, connecting and affirming all forms of life. Using movement, ritual and various creative means to transform the seeds of our passions into their flow(er)ing beauty and back again, in order to be renewed, it is a way to birth forth new insights and ideas in service of a thriving world. It is also a way to be-come embodiment of these in an ever changing yet marvellously constant and personal way. 

Relate with Authenticity…


Houseboat Floatee

Artist Residence | Well-being Sanctuary

Floatee is my home, currently moored on the pristine and enchanting rivers of Cornwall, UK. An unusual and quirky Florida style houseboat, it is a wonderful place in which to gather oneself, muse, ponder and create, as well as get back in touch with wild nature. You are welcome to stay onboard while working with me, or rent it as your writer/artist’s residence.

Create with Love…


Love is…

Love is…

The simplest yet most profound form of our human journey is one of Love.

Magical and indescribable, often misconstrued, oppressed, secret and untapped, but mostly passionate, beautiful, sensual, sexual and essential. Love is a myriad of faces, in one.