Living IN the moment, not FOR the moment..

Dr Danny penman

Beespace is an artist’s residence and a well-being sanctuary. It is a place in which you can attend to your inner wilderness and creativity, while also, in flesh, through mindful action, tend your own intimate relationship with nature – from the inside out. It is an invitation to disengage from habit, enhance perception and become alive to the depth of our souls – by slowing down, going back to simplicity, rejuvenating the senses, wondering, pondering, musing, dreaming, questing and questioning, as well as creating.. A place where, if you come to visit, you can find space of possibility to bring yourself into more presence and vitality and from there, as Dr D Penman says:

“allow the mind to gently tick over, to scan the world for interesting new ideas, to weave together hitherto hidden patterns and to conjure up new patterns. [For] it cultivates divergent thinking, and the enhanced perspective that this produces lies at the heart of creativity.”

Beespace on Helford..

Floatee is an unusual and quirky Florida style houseboat, currently moored on the pristine and enchanting river Helford in Cornwall, UK. As a dwelling on water, it is an enchanting place in which one is able to gather and to meet oneself in the mirror of the tidal river environment and the estuary wildlife. It is also a quiet place away from the usual humdrum of life, wonderful for immersion into one’s creative and soul-making processes.

Step into the artventure! I invite you to spend time on Floatee to work on your own creative projects and processes.. and if you are in need to break out of your creative blocks and to renew your inspiration, I also invite you to work with me on a one-2-one basis.
Feel called? Get in touch with me via email to book or discuss further..
I look forward to hearing from you.

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Beespace in Penzance.. 

.. was a studio space in which I used to live and from there run classes and events of Argentine tango, as well as other workshops dedicated to exploration of the relationship between dance and consciousness.

Photographs by Delia Spatareanu; B&W photos by Biljana Lipić