Shamanic Tango – Winter Retreat

22nd – 24th February 2019

In the Ancient Heart of Cornwall, UK

With Biljana Lipic
in collaboration with Delia Spatareanu and George Bradley-Peer

Cost: £350 (some concessionary places are available for those unable to pay the full fee)
Inclusive of food, accommodation and guidance

There is a refundable £100 deposit with which you can secure your place until 15th Jan. After that the fee is paid in full.

To make an enquiry or to book please contact Biljana on
or 07966 457 863

Spaces are limited for this retreat so booking is essential.

Our food will be vegan and prepared with the abundantly creative flair of our own cook, Fabian Ruth Wicinski, with us onsite. Other diets will also be catered for, if you let us know in advance..

Once again, we invite you..

To create space of aliveness and possibility at the heart of all our relationships. In the heart of our lives… with-in and with-out..

To explore the mysteries of the human soul, and together, step into the wilderness of our future.. To see through the infinite layers of being.. practicing the art of relating as we know it.. as well as allowing space for the new ways to emerge.

Dance between the worlds of body and mind – coaxing the beloved out, heart to heart..

We will journey upon the ancient ways of the sacred. Indoors, outdoors.. together and alone..

Movement and sound, play and improvisation, body and meditation based practices will be our guides, our maps, our starting points for an honest, enlightened and provocative exploration on who we are and who we want to be-come..

We shall mystically dance the tango as a metaphor for the wholeness of ourselves, seen from the place of co-creation.

Everything that touches us, me and you, takes us together like a violin’s bow, which draws one voice out of two separate strings.” (Ranier Marie Rilke)

We shall allow the harmonies of the immersive and co-creative sounds of life move us as a many legged animal with one heart.

We shall ask…

What if we were to embrace both our joy and our pain? What would it be like to actively and creatively negotiate a whole spectrum of dynamic and paradoxical tensions between opposites? We are the web of subtle inter-connectedness of all life – so how can we sensitively and imaginatively meet the truth of our being here and now? How can we honestly share ourselves?

For, we know, this being, our true being, is the most powerful, radical and freeing antidote to the challenges we face today, or ever!

Let us then…

Honour the soul’s need for intimacy, darkness and interiority, within an atmosphere of safety and trust. Begin to invite the soul to show itself through her playful, magnetic, seductive and freedom loving nature. To and through each of us, unique..

Thus allow the unrealised creative impulses to be brought to light, as a way of healing into life and contributing towards the transformation of our world.

Recovering the wonder of life and creative wonder – let us, therefore, dance in the soul-full embrace!

Please note: All care is taken for these retreats to bring rejuvenation and healing, and that everyone emerges out of them with their needs met. However, it is important to note that they are not therapy sessions, hence everyone is invited to hold and to own their own process, and to participate as much or as little as they need to.

Biljana Lipic is an artist, teacher, director.. creative entrepreneur.. shamanic guide.. lover of life.. Each explored in many of its shapes and guises!

Born in former Yugoslavia, and living in the UK since the country’s break up through war, she experiences herself as someone inhabiting the spaces between – cultures, identities, lands.. a permanent wanderer always at home! A dancer between worlds..

Her own artistic as well as teaching practice is grounded in the act of meeting others by witnessing and interacting in an open, spacious and also playful way, but also in holding firmly to honesty, inner integrity and sovereignty as her most important values.

Shamanic tango is her way of bringing a world of intimately connected, infinitely dancing souls into the visible, thus creating new possibilities for movement, communication and transformation to occur, in the world of today.

Her professional creative experience spans more than 20 years and so does her shamanic practice. She is an initiate in the shamanic tradition – Path of Pollen. In Cornwall, where she presently resides, besides running Shamanic Tango retreats, she teaches Argentine tango and is working on a new creative project that involves writing, dance and film. Living on a boat, close to nature and at times going surfing is what these days keeps her rooted in the present and the ‘beginners mind’!

Delia Spatareanu is an independent artist interested in a trans-disciplinary approach between scientific research and the embodied practices of photography and creative movement. Delia is interested in opening conversations on ecology of the body and human nature, rooted in Argentine tango, Body-Mind-Centering and Spiritual Ecology.

George Bradley Peer is a musician and artist currently performing with Shallal, an inclusive community Dance Theatre. On his life journey he says, “My love of sound, of seeing, of wondering continues to steer my life towards new kinds of being. What is the next right thing to do? I am making friends with myself and the world around me. It is here I step, stumble and even run towards something deep inside that says, Yes.”

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