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Ready To Re-wild
Your Tango?

The second in the series of novel playshops for tango dancers and other curious movement explorers, who are interested in re-generating their dance, as well as the quality of their life

2nd September 2023 [11am – 10pm]

@ Ponsanooth Hall, St Michael’s Rd, Ponsanooth, Truro TR3 7EE

Life is the art of moving in relationships. Tango is too. Untangle where you feel stuck in the dance, and you improve the quality of your life.

But to unstuck ourselves isn’t always easy!

We need to expand our awareness beyond the knotted places. We need to soften our hardened resistances. We need to actively embrace the currents of life energy that animate us, individually and as a group.

When we embody the natural ways of being the inter-connected life, we become aligned with our surroundings. We free up more of our vitality and creative potential. We discover deeper intimacy and joy in relationships.

When we don’t, we suffer the imbalances.

Yet, many of us don’t come out of our rabbit holes. Instead, we find ourselves concentrating too much on the finger that is pointing to the moon! And because of this, in Bruce Lee’s famous words, we “miss all the heavenly glory”!

We lose our ability to feel by locking our dance into endless loops of habit. Imprisoning our energies, we calcify the movement in our bodies and lives. This diminishes the aliveness of our own and those we dance with.

We confuse the symbols for life and the dancer for the dance. Despite the potential for change, our energy remains trapped inside our mental concepts. We doubt our creative power and abilities, intuitive impulses, and natural flow of sensations and feelings. We build rigid walls around our hearts. 

I know because I too have been there!

After more than 30 years of observing thousands of people’s bodies and dancing behaviours [read more about me], I have come to understand how and why this happens. How even when we think we are not stuck, we are often stagnating. Even when we are dancing a lot, we can still be disconnected from the subtle energies and the messages of our deeply hidden souls.

With this programme, I am experientially sharing what I have learnt and the practices that can help.

I invite you into a space of soulful re-generation.

If you are:
>> feeling stuck
>> already dancing with your knots and tangles, but need a helping hand
>> simply curious and wish to continue to learn and expand
>> open to playing in a broad way with tango, energy work, natural movement, somatic and creative enquiry

Come to the playshop to get OUT of your own way and step back IN-to a soulful relationship with the dancing life.

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. They will practice Indian yoga and all its exercises, observe a strict regimen of diet, learn theosophy by heart, or mechanically repeat mystic texts from the literature of the whole world–all because they cannot get on with themselves and have not the slightest faith that anything useful could ever come out of their souls. Thus the soul has gradually been turned into a Nazareth from which nothing good can come. … “

ponsanooth village hall

If you hear the call, join us to re-wild how you move, relate, create…

We will:
>> Bring our imagination back to its bodily origins to see ourselves and the world through the continually shifting landscape of sensation and inter-activity
>> Practice how to ground, tune into nature and be moved from within our embodied heart
>> Re-discover what it means to us personally to dance tango and what happens to our awareness when dancing with others
>> Re-ignite our naturally dancing self and create more rhythm, alignment, flow, response-ability and re-source-fullness in our relationships and life
>> Work to recover a deeply ingrained, indigenous trust of life when relating to others and the world, and from there contribute to transformation of culture
>> Make ripples by making beauty in the world

During the second playshop, we will continue to work with somatic enquiry in synergy with tango as a map and a dance. We will practice being our embodied selves while in a movement-based relationship with others, in that way also expanding our authentic responses and creativity. 

We will root our movement and creative relating in our felt sense and the kinaesthetic awareness of the gravitational, magnetic and other forces that always affect us. This will be our time to slow down and open up to our intero- and exteroception to discover new spaces of curiosity in ourselves. It will also be time to drop into the liminal spaces inside and between our bodies. 

Using our imagination to see into the body’s design, we will practice being with what is already [t]here. Propelling ourselves towards new and fresh experiences of meeting each other inside our collective, many-legged body, we will look to rediscover the Mundis Imaginalis we share. Through intuitive imagery and explorations of sound, we will invite each other’s sensory impressions to play.

We will aim to expand our understanding of the synthesis between body language, emotion and movement and, through the feeling that can be danced, invite each other into a more fluid, spontaneous and response-able tango. By working somatically with some of the tango’s shapes and patterns, we will also revitalise how we dance them.

If we dare to re-wild our tango, the tango will be-come a portal through which we tend soul in the world.

This isn’t some wu-wu statement, but an invitation to a highly focused, disciplined, yet pleasurable movement-based practice that requires curiosity and openness, intellectual humility and a nature-driven community.

When we stop denying ourselves the joy of truly participating in the world, we also rejuvenate the world.

“Burdened no more is soul for whom life flows through dance like breath.”


Very inspiring and refreshing

Biljana is a great instructor with profound understanding of the dance, inspiring enthusiasm and passion.. I took three classes from her and loved them all. She was not just teaching steps, but spent a lot of efforts helping students to understand the movement itself… how it is generated within our bodies, how different parts of the body work together to produce smooth, relaxed and enjoyable movement.. I found it very inspiring and refreshing.

Adventures beyond what I thought was possible

I loved your workshop. It struck me that you really take care of the human being and as a result everybody was completely at ease. And that is a great starting point not just for improving tango technique but for adventures beyond what I thought was possible. I came away not just refreshed but enriched with wonderful insights and relationships, plus with much better Tango too!

A dream, that shifts possibilities

I want to thank you again for the precious inspirations of Saturday. It remains with me, almost as a dream, that shifts possibilities…..I was very touched by a new opening, to some magic that I hadn’t yet anticipated in Tango. A realm opened up and I stepped through. The dance I knew to be profoundly touching, now has even more unimaginable scope…! A tiny glimpse. All in a brief day in Chagford!…Thank you, much, for a precious introduction. How I yearn for this stepping through….

Our day will flow as follows:

10.30am – 11am Arrival
11am – 12.30pm Introduction, somatic and natural movement work
12.30pm – 1.30pm Lunch the picnic style {please bring a dish to share}
1.30pm – 3pm Guided walk and movement meditation {outdoors}
3pm – 4.30pm Tango-lab
4.30pm – 6.30pm Tango Practica
6.30 – 8.00pm – Dinner {Lovingly prepared / included in the price}
8.00 – 9.30pm – Tango Practica continued
8.00 – 9.30pm – Closure

Price: £65 [concessions available]
Max 16 people.

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