Love is…

The simplest yet most profound form of the human journey is one of Love. 

Honey (2013) by Andy Van Dinh

Magical and indescribable, often misconstrued, oppressed, secret and untapped; but mostly passionate, beautiful, sensual, sexual and essential. Love is a myriad of faces, in one. 

Love cannot be won, coaxed, willed or owned, only recognised. Stretching us between heavenly longing and earthly belonging, love is each of our mysterious call to a life of exciting discovery. 

Like a curious Child, love nudges us towards places unreachable by the overtly critical eyes. From within the darkness, it beckons us to enter the wild, the hidden and the yet untouched landscapes of the soul. 

Like a Mother, softly yet confidently, Love encourages us to befriend everything and everyone our mind has labelled as ‘other’, galvanising us to embrace our bodies and through them our wholeness as our holiness, our most natural birthright. 

Like a Fool, Love always prompts us to step off the precipice of our preconceptions, ideologies and certainty of knowing. Yet, like a Father, Love also wants us not to be fooled! 

For, “Love is anything but sentimental. In fact, it is the most real and creative form of human presence” says the beloved John O’Donohue. He continues, “Love is the threshold where divine and human presence ebb and flow into each other.”  

Thus, Love is a divine dance. A way to bring our inner artist into his/her embodiment, give form to ideas through feeling and affection. 

At the cutting edge of creativity, Love is the finest form of intelligence. Experienced as much a source of beauty, as a source of suffering, in essence Love shows us that both can become forces of growth. Non-judgmental, Love simply presents us with choices, whilst also wanting us not to shy away from the heart of difference. 

Connecting us to our sense of freedom, as much as the comfort of living within our own skin, Love requires radical honesty and courage, but also gracefulness found through vulnerability and patience.

In fact, Love teaches us variety of skills and the flexibility required to shift the point of our awareness. Until the wide gaze doesn’t bring us back to simply seeing that we ARE Love.

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