Dare to Be Tango!

Pina Baush dancers

A series of novel playshops for tango dancers

– with Biljana Lipic

22nd April 2023 [11am – 5pm] + other dates TBC.

@ Little Narabo, Devoran, Cornwall, TR3 6NF

Tango is an intuitive and improvised way of moving, relating and creating from our hearts. Yet, we tend to go to workshops to learn it by forcing our bodies into rigid shapes. We drill in dance patterns and end up compulsively repeating them.

There is nothing wrong with shapes, and patterns! Our whole universe is made up of them! And the process of making them and stringing them together into a fulfilling whole is what we call dance!

But, if we don’t drop into metacognitive awareness while in the process, over time the shapes and the patterns calcify diminishing our vitality and dance. If we don’t know how to act and do from within the being mode, we deny ourselves the joy of truly participating in the creative act. The act that is happening at all times within and through our bodies.

Still, things don’t have to be this way!

For more than 30 years, I have been studying ancient and modern methodologies that can help us free up and re-generate our vitality. [read more about me and testimonials] In this series of playshops, I am making such methodologies even more adapted to tango dancers.

Join me to practice embracing novelty and the unexpected through a playful, imaginative and intuitive approach that engages the senses. Also, come to practice mindful focusing of your attention with courage and resilience to setbacks and ‘failures’.

We will work somatically with creative intention, image and metaphor in synergy with tango movements. Our aim will be to unfold into a heart-led choice, dynamic alignment, and the art of true improvisation.

Let us be-come more embodied and more proficient at shape-shifting our perception. Let us upgrade our body image and understand better how the structure of our dance ties to the structure of our body. Finally, let us expand beyond our compulsion and sense of limitations into more aliveness and co-create more adaptive, natural as well as response-able movement and form.

If we dare to be tango, the tango will be-come a portal through which we are able to see into and rejuvenate our soul.

Our day will flow as follows:

10.30am – 11am Arrival
11am – 12.30pm Introduction, somatic and natural movement work
12.30pm – 1.30pm Lunch the picnic style (please bring a dish to share)
1.30pm – 3pm Guided walk and movement meditation (outdoors)
3pm – 4.30pm Tango-lab
4.30pm – 5pm Tango Practica

£50 [concessions available]
All levels of tango dance experience welcome.
Max 16 people.
For the enquiries and to book contact rosie.denning@outlook.com

Follow-on to the Falmouth Spring Milonga!

7pm – 11pm
@ the Princess Pavillion, Falmouth TR11 4AR

See the Facebook event HERE.

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