Biljana Lipić


I haven't yet met anyone or anything that has influenced me so much to accept myself and others and to awake.
Photographs by Delia Spatareanu

Special workshops and journeys

The dancer stands in the face of the darkness of the unknown, untouched and unattached. Free. In order to make the dream - the illusion - alive, the dancer gives it breath, brings breath to body, spirit to the visible.

The dancer is an artist, and artists are masters of risk. Artists are also healers and shamans, the first-ever magicians in search of the meaning of being human.

And to me, to be human is to inhabit the spaces in-between polar opposites - invisible and visible, movement and stillness, inner and outer, feminine and masculine - and bring them into an embodied loving relationship. It is a way to marry the opposites and become authentic women and men who are co-creative partners yet with individuated differences. It is always about discovering the uniqueness of ourselves, the voice of our heart, as well as having a specific purpose in the collective. Finally it is about allowing everything, including ourselves to change, be in continuous transformation, in flux. For, it is how we bring vibrancy to the way we are.

I offer these workshops and journeys as safe spaces in which it is possible to drop into the present moment, awaken to what is already there and call one's own creative power in order to harness the seeds of one's potential and give them body, birth them into the visible. Expand consciousness. Dance. They are dedicated to practical exploration and personal discovery within a communal setting, a sharing of our humanity in all of its shapes and forms. The purpose - to live understanding ourselves in a web of connections where everything is alive and has consciousness. To know ourselves consciously as part of a world that is expression of the sacred unity rooted in diversity, an appreciation of differences.

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A journey into vibration of love -
through heart centered dance -
with ourselves, with another, with nature

All inclusive weekend @ the enchanting
Rosemerryn, Lamorna, Penzance, TR19 6BN

with Biljana Lipic
[Cacao ceremony with Alison Fleming]

Love is anything but sentimental. In fact, it is the most real and creative form of human presence. Love is the threshold where divine and human presence ebb and flow into each other. â€” John O’Donohue

Shamanic Tango is a way of enquiry into what it means to dance heart to heart, essence to essence. Open to people from all walks of life, its creative invitation is to embody love as a dancing way of being. Calling one to become an empty vessel through which love can flow as our most creative and intelligent power. 

Thus, our dance, literally and metaphorically, can become our map of love. A way to enter into a spontaneous, but also sacred relationship with life. A moment to moment unfolding, within which, polarities and roles can and do exist (Witness and Actor, Feminine and Masculine, Leader and Follower..) - but to answer the question, which one of them is true for any one person at a time, is in fact to enter the dance. Become open and receptive, and from that place feel into one’s own, as well as another’s desire. Ride the wave that is created and solely exists for and in the present moment. Until both are dissolved into oneness of the universal soul and the dancers are fully absorbed into their creation, the dance itself.

Strongly rooted in traditional rites and initiatory ways, Shamanic Tango is equally innovative and contemporary. It is a rich mix of mindfulness techniques, ceremony and playful creative enquiry that engages one into active perception and participation, as well as feedback and reflection. It calls one to become intimately involved with the process that gives wings to our authentic selves, whilst also healing cracks, polarisations and dissociations in the soul.


To be stretched between two different energies, open to their flow, like a bubble in the spirit level, which can move up, or down, or peacefully stand here and keep the whole universe in balance. — Vesna

I had the feeling of rediscovering my interest in nature and boosting my senses of smell, touch and taste. It was as if I was seeing and hearing things for the first time and exploring like a child..
..I like to think I’m a kinder person, kinder to my self and others.
— Carol

I have never moved like that with anyone in my life. Whilst moving, I had enough awareness outside the movement to simultaneously be awed by the beauty of what was happening. To feel like my body knew how to do it by itself, enough to let me ride in it, mesmerized. — Trev

I had the most amazing, magical, dynamic, healing, expressive, playful time, that way exceeded any expectations I may have had.. a truly life changing experience that is slowly sinking in.. I have been to the moon and back! — Alison


BILJANA LIPIC is an artist, teacher and director, born in former Yugoslavia and living in the UK since 1992. Insatiably curious, always in search of fresh inspiration, she posesses a wealth of work and life experience, though she remains young at heart. She has had a major influence in establishing and nurturing Argentine tango dance communities in the UK and internationally, and pioneered a historical tango club in London, Zero Hour at the Dome. Working from an inter-disciplinary perspective, she has successfully combined her dance practice with theatre, film and live arts, including varied TV and media appearances. Biljana is also an initiated shamanic practitioner within The Path of Pollen. She has been running her unique Shamanic Tango journeys since 2005.

ALISON FLEMING’s journey with Cacao has been growing and deepening over the last 3 years through her own experience of Cacao ceremonies in Mexico and Ibiza and her personal dreams, visions and shamanic journeys. She has come into a close, intimate and loving connection with this very gentle and powerful plant spirit that is able to open the heart and clear out the old blocked energy, so that we can bring in a new vibrant pulse of life to our core being. More about her ceremonial Cacao work can be found on her Facebook, Seed of Love Cacao group.


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