Biljana Lipić


With your striking and elegant movements I see you like a nymph floating on land and on sea and on mountains.
Photograph by Delia Spatareanu


Between birth and death - I dance.

A dancer thinks in terms of movement. The aim is to connect, share, communicate and transform. Dance is a language of movement - its most primordial instrument - the body.

There are many different bodies: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual... Furthermore, we all dance in different ways. We dance the dream of our selves into being, thus inscribing in movement the stories of our life through space.

Each story is unique, each body a universe in itself, yet also universal.

But the dancer knows that to be dancing one must be fully present, and to be fully present one must pass through one's vulnerability. Burn. Be devoured by love. The only way is through.

We are truly dancing when we are passionately living out our deepest longings: to belong to community and to relate, whilst also continually being free by re-creating our individuality through exercising our authentic choices.

Dancing, we see and embody without a need to control, that what we always are: life (consciousness) as it spirals, twists and turns, always in rhythm, balance and harmony - into infinity.

It is this kind of dancing being that informs all that I do, personally and professionally. My aim: to co-create a world that is based on living life as an infinitely expanding dance.