Biljana Lipić


To verbalise body movement and feeling like you do is incredibly difficult, its like seeing the necker cube without seeing the necker cube. The aha! moment when the magic is demystified and the eureka! is exquisitely felt is intense. Thats the Friday journey you take us all on at BeeSpace.
BeeSpace logo
Photographs by Delia Spatareanu; B&W photos by Biljana Lipić


A space to discover, a place to be...

BeeSpace is a studio space in which I run classes, workshops and events of Argentine Tango in Cornwall, UK, as well as some of the special workshops dedicated to exploration of a relationship between dance and consciousness. BeeSpace can also be hired for a creative, movement or therapy based activity [if you're interested please get in touch

Unwind... Relax... Give... Receive... Meet... Connect... Explore... Experiment... Practice... Make...  Play... Exchange... Inspire... Communicate... Co-create... Re-charge... Recover... Integrate... Arrive... Be you...

Please note that Beespace now exists only virtually!! This is because I have had to move! I will keep you posted of any further developments..

Xmas at BeeSpace!

Finally managed to edit the video from Xmas last year! Hope that seeing it entices some of you to come to this year's party on 28th Dec! :-)

Xmas at BeeSpace! from BILJANALIPIC on Vimeo.

Photographs by Delia Spatareanu

August '14 - Monthly Milonga at BeeSpace with DJ Os

Such a wonderful milonga, Os as always magical! We really hope he will visit us again next year!