Biljana Lipić


Biljana is truly a master, in the Art of Tango!
Photographs by Delia Spatareanu, Jelena Tasic, Andrew Lanyon + copyright of ITN

Biljana and Argentine Tango

I run regular Tango classes, workshops and practicas in Cornwall, UK:

In collaboration with Barefoot Practica - every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month - Tango Centre Falmouth practica for all, including beginners. 

Every other Wednesday in Ponsanooth Hall: workshop for improvers/intermediates 20:15 - 22:15

I am also available for regular private lessons.

For other up-to-date information about Tango classes, workshops, Practicas and events I run in Cornwall, as well as nationally and internationally, plus any Tango related special workshops and journeys I organise, please check the News and the Special Workshops & Journeys page too. You can also subscribe to my newsletters to receive regular updates. To enquire further, book or discuss booking me for workshops, events or mentoring (group or private), please contact me personally.

I fell in love with Argentine Tango upon my first contact with it. Hearing the music I felt an immediate soul call and making my first dance steps felt like homecoming. It was as if Tango had always been there in my heart, all I had to do was ignite it.

Once lit, my passion for Tango became a creative driving force, which has helped me find inspiration and focus in some of the hardest moments of my life. Holding me in a sweetly safe space, Tango has also gifted me with some of the most profound, joyous and blissful experiences in life, together with plenty of growth-inducing challenges too!

Even now, after 20 years of intense involvement with it, Tango still adds richness and depth to my life by moving me to explore, to be creative, and to keep learning about myself and others; about love and life as a relationship. More than anything, Tango teaches me about how to live life's paradox, how to stand in freedom whilst also being intimately connected to others.

My approach to teaching Tango springs from my understanding of it as a body-based walking dance practice, whose results can only be discovered through a direct contact with it and through the art of improvisation. My language and context of delivery is modern, although my aim is to transfer the traditional form of this social art form. I don't actually attempt to 'teach' but really to facilitate each person's unique Tango journey, inviting everyone to make their own personal contact with it through their creative exploration.

I invite everyone learning to dance, to start from the understanding that they are, at all times, already dancing! I invite them to focus the mind and free the body - marrying the two - use their senses, attention, imagination, their own awareness and perception of space, movement and others, in order to awaken in the now and bring their own inner world into the visible. I use all kinds of tools and ideas in order to make more free space for all of us to notice, to feel, to explore and to be playful and also to choreograph that which is already there - hence to become aware of our own responses and ability to make choices - to improvise - to connect with others and become a many-legged animal. Heart to heart - here and now - Tango for me is not a dead form, not some kind of ideal result we aim to have as a trophy after the learning is finished, but something always palpably there, to be loved and enjoyed during the process of learning. Something to be - the dance, the life/consciousness, the love, the relationship, the process itself.

In the performing and theatrical context as well, my focus again is on the art of improvisation and the minimizing of structure, where then aesthetic beauty comes from the exposure of the natural form, of truth in relationships as well as of the process of creation in itself.

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27th - 29th April 2018..

Biljana Lipic - movement / communication / transformation
invites you to a:

Cornish tango immersion
with a guest teacher & performer Jorge Rodriguez!

Join us in the stunning beach cove of Sennen, at the far westerly point of Cornwall, for a weekend packed with milongas and dance workshops, including a Saturday night performance by Jorge & Biljana!

Advanced bookings are essential.

For more info and bookings contact Vincent Goyeneche
Mobile: +44 7545 392800

NOTE: If you intend to stay in and around Sennen, ask us for a list of local B&Bs and hotels, which we have compiled to help you..


FRIDAY 27th:

20:00-23:00 Tango Centre Falmouth Guided Practica, moved to Sennen for the evening! Guided by Jorge. []

FREE for those taking Biljana’s Fundamental Technique course or the weekend workshops / otherwise £10 [VENUE 1]


Improver/intermediate level workshops [VENUE 1]:
10:30 -12:00 Relationship between the circle above and the square below
13:00 - 14:30 Medio Giro (rhythm, relationship to the floor, pivot)
15:00 - 16:30 Milonga 1

18:00 - 23:00 Evening at the Sennen restaurant. Relax whilst you sit and eat, and watch Jorge & Biljana perform! Finally, join in the Mini-Milonga at the restaurant..
FREE for ALL [not including the meal] [VENUE 2]


Intermediate/advanced level workshops [VENUE 1]:
10:30 -12:00 Sacadas
13:00 - 14:30 Arrastre
15:00 - 16:30 Milonga 2

20:00 - 23:00 La Ultima Milonga!
FREE for those taking the workshops / otherwise £10


Jorge's approach to teaching tango accentuates:
- Providing elements necessary for development in the dance, which for him is both fragile as well as complex - while also searching for the aesthetic which suits each dancer, posture of the body, embrace, arms
- Achieving the precision in the movement expression and rhythm
- Working with the structure in order to have a language which allows one to access improvisation

VENUE 1: Sennen Churchtown Hall, Sennen, TR19 7AD
VENUE 2: Ben Tunnicliffe, Sennen Cove TR19 7BT

1 workshop: £15
3 workshops £40


Jorge Rodriguez is an artist who dedicates his talent to
several artistic disciplines. His career is witness to his dynamism and his desire to transmit to others his passion for tango, dance, theatre and stage.

Born in Argentina, he began his dance training at the age of ten. He toured in Latin America and across Europe with the celebrated ‘Grand Ballet Argentin de Cordoba, before he decided, at the age of 23, to settle in France and pursue his career in Paris. He appears regularly as a dancer, actor and choreographer in the highly acclaimed tango show productions as well as opera. For more information visit his website:

Biljana Lipic has been called “Inspiratrice”. She is known for her unique vision,“profound understanding of the dance, inspiring enthusiasm and passion”.

Biljana is one of the pioneers of the UK’s tango scene, an internationally respected artist, teacher, director and shamanic practitioner with over 20 years of experience. She runs retreats of her visionary work Shamanic Tango in the UK and Europe. She founded a historic tango club at the Dome in London, and has appeared in various TV & film productions, including Strictly Dance Fever. Her own tango theatre production La Milonga Interna, was shown in Madeira and critically acclaimed.

Cornish Tango Immersion in Sennen 2018. Photography by Delia Spatareanu

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