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The first time you meet Biljana you feel like you have been her friend all your life. She has that very rare gift of being completely open hearted, warm and welcoming.


News archive

June '16

Summer is here and summer in Cornwall is truly gorgeous! Let this warm season get the most active and confident part of you out - dancing! 

Barefoot Practica and myself are teaming up for an exciting collaboration and project we have called Tango Centre Falmouth - A place to learn, dance, share, exchange the love of Tango.. To start with we shall be running classes for beginners and improvers as well as practica on Fridays (starting 3rd June 2016) in the King Charles Hall in Falmouth. For more information about this check

or get in touch with me or Becalelis on

I am also continuing to run a committed Intermediate tango class bi-monthly in Ponsanooth Hall, Penryn. If you are interested in joining please get in touch with me on

Happy Summer Tangos!

Dec '14

Here we are, just a step away from closing one and beginning another yearly cycle! December naturally calls us to evaluate, pose meaning-full questions and discover some new intentions. The questions I may be asking myself are:

Have I danced enough this year? In all sorts of weird and wonderful ways - what really makes me dance these days? Do I want to take small or to take big steps from now on? Am I even willing to jump into some new experiences? Where is my happiness and how committed am I to it?

Wishing you all the most wonderful Xmas, joyful connections and fruitful discoveries!

See you on the dance floor!

Nov '14

Dancing is a way of dreaming awake. As nature gently calls us to move inwards and to befriend the darkness, I too invite you to dance to create the golden seeds of your future intentions inside the warm soil of your bodies, using your loving attention and shared imagination in order to nourish the further growth of these seeds towards light.

See you on the inside! Info for all the classes and milongas on the Calendar page.

From the performance Thoughts That Can Be Danced - photo by Piotr Woycicki

Oct '14

At these transitional autumnal times, we become even more aware of the balancing shifts between light and darkness, in our external as well as internal landscapes. Many creative practices can help us develop the awareness of this dance further, as well as allow us to play with the various effects it has on us or on our environments. 
I have been blessed with some exciting co-creative opportunities lately allowing me to play like this through tango, theatre, photography? I am in the process of updating the website with some of the results so do re-visit. Meanwhile, see you on the dance floor!

Sept '14

What to say - but that it was exactly as it said on the label! :-) DJ Os totally delighted us with his ways of creating that magical 'onda' (vibe) with his music for the dance floor! I shall soon be updating the BeeSpace page with pictures from the event so please do revisit - meanwhile, we shall hope that Os makes it again to us next year!

This month though, a bit less going on tango-wise in Cornwall, as I shall be away some of the month, in Aberystwyth. There I will be co-devising a tango performance with Karoline Gritzner, Piotr Woycicki and Stephen Ellis, which will be performed as a work in progress at The Foundry Studio Parry Williams Building, Aberystwyth SY23 3AJ on Fri 19th Sept and Sat 20th Sept @ 7pm. It will be a free event, and can be booked by emailing

Happy dancing all!

August '14

As the sun continues to shine upon us this summer, tango is also beginning to shine in the hearts of more people here in West Penwith :-) All classes have been wonderfully attended and inspired with that sunny enthusiasm and warmth that this part of the year gifts to us so freely, so wishing to thank you all for that and for the continuing support. 

And, it is time to celebrate this August too! Which we shall do in style! We have an old friend and a favourite, DJ Os, visiting us straight from Argentina, who is going to play his magical choice of tangos, waltzes and milongas for us during the Practilonga on Friday 22nd and the Monthly Milonga on Sat 23rd Aug. Please, see leaflet for more details or visit Calendar or BeeSpace pages for more information. See you on the dance floor!

July '14

Gallowan Festival in Penzance was absolutely amazing this year and energy from the town was flowing through BeeSpace as well during the Gallowan milonga! Thank you all for making these milongas so enjoyable and friendly encounters. Looking forward to the next one.

Middle of this month I am on a short tango tour, teaching tango weekends in Malvern (12th-13th July) and Stafford (19th - 20th July). In Malvern I am re-connecting with my dear friend DJ Os as well, without whom the club I used to run in London, Zero Hour, wouldn't have been so succesfull! He is coming straight from Buenos Aires to share his love and amazing knowledge of music with us. He is also going to be visiting us in Cornwall in August (23rd-24th Aug) - so do watch this space!

May '14

Unfortunately no tango in Cornwall for the whole of May as I will be away, in my beloved Balkans! Back just in time though for the Friday night at BeeSpace 30th May followed by the Monthly Milonga on 31st May. See Calendar for more details...

Photograph by Jelena Tasic

April '14

In Cornwall - Spring is in the air! Re-vitalise your dancing energies this Easter month - come dancing to the monthly milonga on 19th April! Visit the Calendar for more info.

March '14

Valentine's milonga at BeeSpace was so special, I have decided to run milongas once a month from now on! Here is to more pure dancing in Cornwall!! The next one is on 22nd March. More info on the Calendar page.

Photograph by Delia Spatareanu

February '14

The storm has definitely challenged the 'normality' of our lives in Cornwall - but as they say in Argentina - tango waits! :-) 

Due to weather, many couldn't make the classes on 4th February, so I have decided to adapt and shift the start of the courses to 11th February instead! 

February is Valentine's month too - so my loving offer to all tangueros/as is a milonga at BeeSpace on Saturday 15th Feb! 4pm - 11pm... With traditional tango tandas and cortinas plus few other dancing tunes too? Bring your dancing body and soul plus some food to share if you can as well... And please, do let me know if you're coming (contact page).

Photograph by Delia Spatareanu

January 2014

Honeyed blessings for the New Year to everyone! May it be full of bees and sparkling golden blissfully shining moments in our lives!

The regular Argentine Tango classes and practilongas I run in Cornwall have started on 7th January 2014. For more practical information about these go to BeeSpace or Calendar page or to receive regular updates about classes, workshops, events that I offer, subscribe to the newsletters on the site. 

If you would like to book for the 10 weeks beginner or improver course, starting 4th February 2014, please get in touch.

See you on the dance floor!