Biljana Lipić


The first time you meet Biljana you feel like you have been her friend all your life. She has that very rare gift of being completely open hearted, warm and welcoming.


Welcome! Please walk in and find yourself comfortable in this dancing beehive. Browse, explore, find information about workshops, events, journeys, art and photography, theatre, film and writing that you may be interested in... Get in touch... I look forward to dancing with you, virtually or in flesh! 

August '18

Joyful to finally be able to offer the next Shamanic Tango encounter in France! After some glitches with organisation, it is all finally happening!  In a vibrant and beautiful venue 
Bookings open.. and places limited..  

The Art of Love

A weekend of spiritual enquiry and creative exploration

with Biljana Lipic

I’ve found rich soil where I can bloom. - Jodi Feist King
I have been to the moon and back! - Alison Fleming

Let us not adopt some facile, narrowly psychological view of our lives. The radical dimension I speak of demands everything we are and have. Joy, not happiness, is its fruit. - Charlotte Jako Beck

Drop into the honey of infinite being. Move deeper in love. Journey in connection.

We invite you to gather, this time in a vibrant venue near the city of love, Paris - to creatively and spiritually explore Love in its infinite forms. The Shaman’s map of consciousness, ecstatic and healing techniques and the movement metaphor of Argentine tango will be our gateways to these higher vibrational heart encounters and adventures.

Indoors, outdoors, together and alone - Immersing into our presence through the body and senses, we shall be sharing beautiful space, eating nourishing food, spending time with-in nature.. Also, walking, dancing, playing, meditating, whilst at the same time engaging our mind with symbols and meaning in movement. Gently nudging the parts of our soul, which have separated themselves from the inter-connected oneness of all life, sharing together in circle, in ancient healing and ceremony, we shall come back home, to our infinitely re-source-ful sense of wholeness and heart.

Although incredibly simple at its core, answering the call of Love (which is often dormantly waiting in our very bones and cells) is the most radical act of freedom! An act that requires sensitivity, sensuality and compassion. It calls for deep honesty, playful curiosity and courage, but also willingness to do the work, as well as trust in what lies beyond the known. 

Secure in the guidance and support of those who came before us, allowing these fruits to ripen and their juices to run in our own minds and bodies, our communities, within our creative practices, relationships and lives... is a beautiful way to truly anchor us on our journeys, whilst gracefully awakening us to the primal joy at seeing ourselves embraced by life’s beauty, as part of it’s infinite dance.

7, rue Turgot. 77520 Montigny-Lencoup

PRICE: 380 Euros Early bird discount 350 Euros till 15th October. Places limited. Booking deposit 100 Euros
The price includes facilitation, accommodation, food.

Bookings and further enquiries: 
+44 7966 457 863

Still April '18 news!

Absolutely buzzed up! 

Cornish Tango Immersion weekend with Jorge Rodriguez as a guest is just around the corner, with dancers coming to join us from Hereford, Devon and other places! Weather wise, it feels almost like summer in Cornwall! So if you're still pondering, whether to make that leap, just stop and come join us! :-)

Also, the next Shamanic Tango journey in the beautiful Drome in France is all set! Can't wait and hope to see some of you there. Bookings are being taken.. Info on the leaflet plus I will be making a Facebook event soon too, as well as send out the newsletter. 

See you dancing!

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April '18

Biljana Lipic - movement / communication / transformation
invites you to a:

Cornish tango immersion
with a guest teacher & performer Jorge Rodriguez!

Join us in the stunning beach cove of Sennen, at the far westerly point of Cornwall, for a weekend packed with milongas and dance workshops, including a Saturday night performance by Jorge & Biljana!

Advanced bookings are essential.

For more info and bookings contact Vincent Goyeneche
Mobile: +44 7545 392800

NOTE: If you intend to stay in and around Sennen, ask us for a list of local B&Bs and hotels, which we have compiled to help you..


FRIDAY 27th:

20:00-23:00 Tango Centre Falmouth Guided Practica, moved to Sennen for the evening! Guided by Jorge. []

FREE for those taking Biljana’s Fundamental Technique course or the weekend workshops / otherwise £10 [VENUE 1]


Improver/intermediate level workshops [VENUE 1]:
10:30 -12:00 Relationship between the circle above and the square below
13:00 - 14:30 Medio Giro (rhythm, relationship to the floor, pivot)
15:00 - 16:30 Milonga 1

18:00 - 23:00 Evening at the Sennen restaurant. Relax whilst you sit and eat, and watch Jorge & Biljana perform! Finally, join in the Mini-Milonga at the restaurant..
FREE for ALL [not including the meal] [VENUE 2]


Intermediate/advanced level workshops [VENUE 1]:
10:30 -12:00 Sacadas
13:00 - 14:30 Arrastre
15:00 - 16:30 Milonga 2

20:00 - 23:00 La Ultima Milonga!
FREE for those taking the workshops / otherwise £10


Jorge's approach to teaching tango accentuates:
- Providing elements necessary for development in the dance, which for him is both fragile as well as complex - while also searching for the aesthetic which suits each dancer, posture of the body, embrace, arms
- Achieving the precision in the movement expression and rhythm
- Working with the structure in order to have a language which allows one to access improvisation

VENUE 1: Sennen Churchtown Hall, Sennen, TR19 7AD
VENUE 2: Ben Tunnicliffe, Sennen Cove TR19 7BT

1 workshop: £15
3 workshops £40


Jorge Rodriguez is an artist who dedicates his talent to
several artistic disciplines. His career is witness to his dynamism and his desire to transmit to others his passion for tango, dance, theatre and stage.

Born in Argentina, he began his dance training at the age of ten. He toured in Latin America and across Europe with the celebrated ‘Grand Ballet Argentin de Cordoba, before he decided, at the age of 23, to settle in France and pursue his career in Paris. He appears regularly as a dancer, actor and choreographer in the highly acclaimed tango show productions as well as opera. For more information visit his website:

Biljana Lipic has been called “Inspiratrice”. She is known for her unique vision,“profound understanding of the dance, inspiring enthusiasm and passion”.

Biljana is one of the pioneers of the UK’s tango scene, an internationally respected artist, teacher, director and shamanic practitioner with over 20 years of experience. She runs retreats of her visionary work Shamanic Tango in the UK and Europe. She founded a historic tango club at the Dome in London, and has appeared in various TV & film productions, including Strictly Dance Fever. Her own tango theatre production La Milonga Interna, was shown in Madeira and critically acclaimed.

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March '18

Hola todos,

Here are some early spring news.. I am doing a course as part of Tango Centre Falmouth events.. please click on the image to enlarge and see in full..

More news to come soon!

See you on the dance floor!

Photo by Jelena Tasic

Jan '18

Happy New Year!

I am back in Kernow land and in addition to the Winter news here are some of the more recent tango updates: 

First of all there is a new Tango beginners course running from February as part of the Tango Centre Falmouth programme. Here is the info sent from Becalelis:


We have set the dates for a new beginners course in Falmouth. We would be very grateful if you could distribute the information to anyone you know who would be interested in beginning tango and lives in Cornwall.

The course will consist of 5 sessions and begin on Saturday  Febuary the 10th then every Saturday to March 3rd 15:00 - 16:30. The last session will be an introduction to the Practica on Fri March 9th 20:00 to 22:30.

Booking in advance is essential.  

Fee for all 5 sessions:

£32 or £25 Conc (if paid in advance)
£40 if paid on the day (No Conc)
Where: King Charles Hall, New st, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 3HX

The course will be led by Becand Ruth from the barefoot practica alternating with Clive and Chrissy Matthews. Equally experienced dancers who first met in Buenos Aires over 10 years ago.
To book Contact
Mob: 07968915563
Many thanks 

All the best

Furthermore, there are some changes to the TCF practica format - explained bellow:

A little update:
We are going to experiment with the idea of a "Curated Practica" rather than a "Guided Practica". What is the difference you may well ask?!?! The difference will evolve but to kick off these are the key differences:

The Curated Practica

  • The entry  fee will be £5 ( less  than the guided practica)  
  • The start time will be 20:00 to 22:30
  • Teachers and advanced dancers will be there to focus on developing their own dance 
  • There will be greater emphasis on "how we practice as individuals together?"
  • The last 30 mins will be pure dancing , not practicing. Lights low!
  • The music will continue to be played by a DJ but requests for  playlists for specific practice will be invited from dancers
  • Members of the TCF will be invited to curate evenings

IMPORTANT NOTE of change re total beginners. 

  • Total beginners will need to undertake an intro course of Private Class ( see below) so they have enough knowledge to undertake their own practice
  • Of course total beginners can still come, either to observe or practice from observation, but not to be taught.
  • At some point dancers of a certain level, who expressed an interest , will be trained to mentor new dancers.

To support the practice  there are:

My classes in Ponsanooth Hall are running as usual - bi-monthly.. They are for people of all levels experience except complete beginners.. 

But they started a bit later this year than first announced, hence the next class is this week Wednesday (31st Jan) and then we follow through with the format of every other Wednesday.

Where: Ponsanooth Hall 20:15 - 22:15
Price: £15 for two hours

Finally, of course, I am available for private lessons that can be arranged to suit your time.

Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor..

Photo by Delia Spatareanu

Dec '17

I have been intensely busy throughout Summer and Autumn, so much so I have not managed to give you any news in Autumn! But here I am with the Winter update at least! 

Presently I am in Serbia, a part of my Balkan home-land. I am staying here until just after the New Year - avoiding the British Christmas altogether this year, since Serbian people celebrate their Christmas orthodox style, 6/7th January!

Belgrade is a great city and almost Buenos Aires like when Tango is concerned! There are many dancers and many milongas. To dance, one goes out after 9pm and goes to sleep early morning hours! To me, for a short while, it has been very inspiring dancing like that again, even if tiring!

I hugely enjoyed the weekend workshops I taught here at the end of November, organised by one of the Belgrade tango schools - Tango Vortex. There are pictures on Facebook of the event and I will post some on the website too. We mainly worked on the improvisational and spatial aspects of the dance, together with, as usual, looking at the technique, musicality as well as tango vocabulary.

Here in Belgrade, I have also been a guest in a conceptually interesting event called ‘Duhovni Dorucak’ (which translates into something like ‘Spiritual Breakfast’!) There, people come to present, discuss and explain their artistic and other practices that they work with, within a spiritual context. These events are filmed for their Youtube channel as well. 

I of course, spoke about spirituality and tango through a perspective of Shamanic Tango and again, there are some pictures of the event on the Facebook page. Speaking is not quite my art, but I do believe that conversation, whose aim is simply that - to converse, can be one of the truest ways, through which it is possible to gain spiritual insight and to experience life in its essential form. It is why, in my view, conversation is embedded in both tango and shamanism, in fact. Thus I went and simply tried to inspire a conversation :-)

Back in the dear Kernow home-land.. and whilst on the subject of tango and shamanism.. let me mention that the November Shamanic Tango retreat in Rosemerryn in Lamorna was yet again a truly unique and magical experience. This time we had visitors from various places in the country as well as distant lands, who joined us even from as far as Pennsylvania, USA! Despite the cultural and other distances and differences, the love shared and the friendships forged between all in the group, in such a short time, was incredible as well as brought inspiration and healing! 

Now I am in the process of planning the next experience, which I really hope will happen in the mountains of France! Meanwhile, look out for pictures and testimonies from the Nov retreat, on Facebook plus the website..

With regards the future tango classes and other events in Cornwall - The Wednesday classes in Ponsanooth Hall are suspended till I am back, first one starting again Wed 10th January.. The Tango Centre Falmouth practica has now stopped as well, and will restart again Fri 12th January.. In the new year, the TCF is to start organising regular milongas, as well as run beginner courses before the practica.. For more info and regular updates about all this, please check the TCF website and Facebook page..

Finally, whilst we are all wrapping up another turn of the sun and pondering how 2018 is best going to nourish us.. I am sending you white snowflakes and a sharply dry cold air from the Balkans, together with lots of cozy and warming embraces to last you through the Festive wintery season of 2017!

And I am looking forward to our further meetings, more dance based friendships, co-creations and many more spins around the dance floor!

Aug '17

As it dawns on me that it is almost the end of August, I am almost certain that time is speeding up - at least it is for me! :-)

I do hope you are all well and have had a very enjoyable summer. Personally I have, even if at times, I have almost been drowning in water, from all sides! 

In my view, when we are able to look at the world symbolically, everything, even those difficult situations and moments, become different, become something we can work with, learn from, relax into.. For, looking symbolically means taking into consideration a bigger picture. 

Talking of the bigger picture! As you may already know, this month is a total solar eclipse, which can be seen from the US. As our collective passions seem to be intensifying lately, very much in tune with the movements of the stars, I myself feel that through this eclipse season (which will last for at least another six months), we are being called to commit even deeper to our souls. This to me means - allow ourselves to have an even fuller experience of our spirited way of being from within our bodies

For some people their journey may become a 'walk in the park', whilst for others perhaps a 'walk to Mount Everest'! All of the ways we choose to journey in life via our bodies have their value. But only if we are able to see, to witness and to feel, we shall actually know what that value for us is. And whatever your discoveries, my wish for you is that you make the best out of your time, in the tango language, that your walk turns into a dance, because you find yourself aligned with the loving truth in you. 

Personally, in order to step deeper onto my own soul's path, I have been nudged to write a lot more! Write about dance and all other wonderful things of life that go with it too. As English is not my first language, I have some reservations and feel nervous about this, but slowly and patiently, I am going through with it! :-)

If you are interested in reading some of my musings, you will be able to find them on my blog, which I will also regularly share on this website/Facebook etc..

Facebook page 1

Facebook page 2

I feel very excited about this new creative adventure and really do hope you find something in it for yourselves too, perhaps a tiny bit of inspiration, new understanding, new way to question and enquire.. I also hope, that this can bring us more communication - about dance, about what dance can teach us about life, and really about life itself. For truly, dance IS life, life IS dance.. 

But now onto some other news..

The Tango Centre Falmouth practica has been strengthening :-).. We are excited to have some of our regulars take on roles in running the venture, which is a huge help and also lovely co-creative fun.. Thank you Clive, Chris, Andrew.. 

Too, our visit to the Tropical Pressure Festival in July was received with much enthusiasm. Inspired by the success, from now on, we are hoping to bring tango to a much wider audience in Cornwall. 

Throughout August, the practica has been taking a summer break, but we shall be back in September, and look forward to seeing some of you there.. For more information about the practica visit the website:

I continue to run my Wednesday workshops all throughout August and into Autumn, however. This workshop is for all level dancers, except the complete beginners.. and as I have now resolved the problem I've had with the calendar on this website, you will be able to keep up to date with the practical information for this workshop, via that page again:

Plus, I continue to offer private lessons.. faster and deeper pathway to learning. Please get in touch if you're interested in working in this way with me.


Finally, looking into what is coming up in Autumn (the smell of which is already in the air!) - there is few more things to tell you about:

After the first successful weekend of tango in May, at Tango Centre Falmouth, we are planning another one in October. To follow what is going on with that, either follow the website, get into our FB group or get our email updates (if you are not on our email list, please get in touch). 

Also, I would like to invite you to my very special and different SHAMANIC TANGO journey, 3rd - 6th Nov 2017 - which I am offering at the beginning of Nov in the enchanting Rosemerryn centre again.. I was going to take us all to France, but as that journey couldn't quite lift of this year, we are staying one more year in the beautiful Cornwall. Perhaps some of you decide to join us for that.. Information is on the special workshops page on this website and my Facebook pages:

Facebook event

Facebook event 2

That much from me for this crazily wet summer of 2017! 

I hope to see you somewhere on the dance floor, whether that is inside or outside in the wild!

April '17

Finally, Spring is giving our steps that lovely spring! :-)

I hope you are all well and still dancing in all ways too.

I was a big Hermit this Winter, but refreshingly creative as well. A lot of working internally on releasing and transforming the past within myself, as well as on birthing new ideas and projects for the future. The results are not ready to fully come out into the world as yet, but as more light and warmth approaches us, they too are continuing to be nourished, hence gaining in momentum as well as strength. I hope to be sharing it all with you soon!

With regards to the tango activities, the Spring news are as follows:

In Falmouth, Cornwall, in answer to many dancers' desire for more milonga, I am running a milonga workshop with Becalelis Brodskis, as part of the Tango Centre Falmouth programme of workshops and events. 

Details are:

3 hour workshop

For Beginners through to Intermediate

Sunday 30th April 2017

14:30 to 17:30

Booking must be made in advance as places will be limited. The venue for the workshop is the TCF's regular venue, The King Charles Hall in New Street in Falmouth.

£25 for 3 hours

Send email to 

the workshop would assume at least some beginners knowledge of tango

You can see/join the event on Facebook too


Furthermore, if you are an Improver/Intermediate level dancer, you are also warmly invited to my regular bi-monthly tango workshop on Wednesdays in the lovelyPonsanooth Hall. Please get in touch if you wish to join this class.


Throughout Cornwall, I also continue to giveprivate lessons. If you're interested in speeding up your learning, polish or refresh certain areas of your dancing or simply let me help you where you may feel stuck, I am here for you. I am also here to help you deepen your own relationship with your body, its innate wisdom and the natural ways of moving.


Finally, a bit further afield, in case you are somewhere near London in May, or don't mind traveling - let me alert you to a unique opportunity to dance to the live music played by La Juan D'Arienzo, one of the best tango orquestras of today, coming straight from Buenos Aires! With this extremely dynamic ten-piece orchestra, as well as DJ Os, whose music you have had an opportunity to experience few summers ago in Penzance, you will most certainly have the most wonderful evening!

More info here:


And for now, thats it folks!

Look forward to seeing some of you at the classes, workshops and the Friday Practica or just anywhere on that dance floor! 

Happy Spring!


Dec '16

Its that Christmas time again! How are you feeling about it all? Edgy, frustrated, overwhelmed, chilled, expectant, excited, happy..??

Wherever you are on that emotional scale, try stay with it, stay with yourself, stay embodied, gently but firmly, most of all honestly. Tango invites us to be receptive to what is, to all that we are at present including what is coming towards us, but also to actively allow ourselves to let go of what doesn't serve us anymore and to choose the new direction and the shape we wish to dance from now on!

All the while keeping the flow going :-)

My update for Winter tango activities is as follows: 

Tonight is the last workshop for this year in the lovely Ponsanooth Hall.. I fully enjoyed this dynamic bi-monthly experience and send my gratitude to all of you who committed to it.. Next year's cycle of workshops will commence on Wednesday 11th January and I am looking forward with excitement and joy to our new improvisations, explorations and walking together.. Anyone who wishes to join this workshop, please get in touch with me via email..

I am around throughout winter and am continuing to give private lessons, which always cut much deeper than the group lessons.. So do get in touch if you're interested in working with me in this way..

News from Becalelis and myself re our collaboration as Tango Centre Falmouth:

Due to so many dancers having prior Xmas party commitments, we have decided to postpone our Milonga. Apologies to those who were looking forward to it. We will reschedule the Milonga to Springtime to give an extra spring in our step.

On the 16th December we will instead run our usual guided Practica with a touch of added Xmas spirit. Starting at 20:00 till 23:00. Â£5 on the door
For those longing for a local Milonga TJ and ther Penryn Tango Co-opertative have a Milonga on Wednesday 14th with a live band . 20:00 to 23:00. St Gluvias Hall, Penryn.
We will return in January with Practica on Friday 13th 2017. Fundementals at 19:00 followed by Practica at 20:00

Look forward to seeing some of you at the Practica and to all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the best
Becalelis and Biljana

For the information about the venue etc. find us on Facebook or web page

Sending you sparkles and crystal clear wishes and blessings for the festive season ahead!

Oct '16

Autumn is well underway although, this October, we have been blessed with some mild weather and beautiful sunshine here in Cornwall. 

I realise I haven't written anything here since August! I am sure I am not alone in saying - always so much to do, we have all become so busy, our lives ever so speedier and fuller! 

Which, to me, also means that knowing how to live in the present moment, in that flow, as well as how to stop the wheel turning from time to time, has become a hugely important skill to have and to use.

Myself - I have learnt that skill in many ways through Tango and it is for this kind of quality that I really wish to promote this magical dance practice even more out there! 

So, the update for Autumn tango activities is as follows:

A dynamic bi-monthly tango class, now forimprovers/intermediates on Wednesdayscontinues in the lovely Ponsanooth Hall. To join the class please get in touch with me via email..

I am also continuing to give private lessons, which always cut much deeper than the group lessons.. Please get in touch if you're interested in working with me in this way.

Tango Centre Falmouth continues to run in October with a slightly different structure. We shall be running a Fundamentals class 7-8pm followed by the Practica till 10/11pm each Friday of the month. It is a trial month as we don't know if running the practica each week is sustainable as yet, but lets see! We are offering a space, so hope to see you, the dancers, there.. More information about the venue, fees and this project can be found on Facebook or web page

Then also, 11th-14th November 2016, I am running another Shamanic Tango intensive retreat in Rosemerryn Centre in Lamorna, Cornwall. As always, I am very excited about this serious playshop and hope to see some of you there too. Please see Special Workshops page for more information and to book contact me directly.. 

Bright blessings and much love on your onward Tango journey..

copyright Delia Spatareanu

Aug '16

For me, summer this year has meant lots of being and playing outdoors in nature, dancing, socialising, partying and also attending a few festivals (including the Tropical Pressure festival in Porthtowan, at which I also led some tango sessions). I have also been loving my life on the boat and being surrounded by water.

Like most of you, I am sure, I too have been impacted by the tumultuous times we live in at the moment. In a sort of unexpected way though, this has made me even more determined to continue deepening into the simple joys of life, the essence of which for me lies in connection and relationship.. Actively immersing myself into the simple acts that can bring me joy and happiness in that way, this has in fact become a radical way of rebellion for me and my own way to feel free, despite the depressive and as I see it, ideologies driven extremist atmosphere that seems to be pervading our lives these days. 

And I feel we are all going to need a lot more determination and activation of will in order to create the lives we actually want, on a small as well as on the big scale, but also, we will need much more surrender too, to true collaborations, to working together, to feeling and enjoying life as a dancing relationship.. Tango then will become an even more important teacher for us all! :-)

So please keep dancing.. 

A little update of my tango activities:

- I continue to run a dynamic tango class bi-monthly on Wednesdays in the lovely Ponsanooth Hall. To join the class please get in touch with me via email..

- I am also continuing to give private lessons, which always cut deeper than the group lessons.. Please get in touch if you're interested in working with me in this way.

- Tango Centre Falmouth continues to shape up as a collaboration between Becalelis Brodskis (Barefoot Practica) and myself. So far we have been offering classes and practices on Fridays in Falmouth, and will continue to do so from September.. Plus - although we have meant to break up in August, by popular demand we have decided to run two practices on the 12th and 23rd Aug; 8-10pm.. More information about the venue, fees and the project can be found on Facebook or web page.

- I am also delighted to be guest teaching in a retreat for flutists in September, led by an amazing Jessica Quinones in St. Agnes, Cornwall. I will be bringing movement, dance and generally more conscious understanding of the body to the musicians.. all in order for them to open to the state of flow whilst playing. 

- Then further down the line, 11th-14th November 2016, I will be offering another Shamanic Tango intensive retreat in Rosemerryn Centre in Lamorna, Cornwall. As always, I am very excited about this. See more information on the Special Workshops page.

Much love on your continuing dance journey and hope to be hugging some of you in flesh soon too!

June '16

Summer is here and summer in Cornwall is truly gorgeous! Let this warm season get the most active and confident part of you out - dancing! 

Barefoot Practica and myself are teaming up for an exciting collaboration and project we have called Tango Centre Falmouth - A place to learn, dance, share, exchange the love of Tango.. To start with we shall be running classes for Beginners and Improvers as well as Practica on Fridays (starting 3rd June 2016) in the King Charles Hall in Falmouth. For more information about this check

or get in touch with me or Becalelis on

I am also continuing to run a committed Intermediate tango class bi-monthly on Wednesdays in the beautiful Ponsanooth Hall, Penryn. If you are interested in joining please get in touch with me on

Happy Summer Tangos!

March '16

Slowly emerging out of my wintery hideaway, together with the Sun I am beginning to climb the ladders of the white light again, and have finally come out to give you some news! After the most amazing Shamanic Tango Spring rebirth in Lamorna, Cornwall, I am already looking forward to the next retreat 11th-14th November 2016! Please keep the dates in your diary and check back again for when the bookings will be open.. 

Also, as I continue to drop into the community and the life in Penryn, I am doing more collaborations and more tango work in the area. For private and small group tango classes of different levels, please get in touch with me personally.. For tango practica in Penryn visit Barefoot Practica run by Becalelis Brodskis.. Becalelis and I will run a workshop together and probably some beginner classes in Falmouth area from May, so again, for more information about these please revisit here or get in touch with us personally..

For the moment, may your walk get a spring as your heart blooms in union with the glorious Spring!

Dec '15

Time passes in a flash! It is already December! Apologies there has been no news from me for a while! 

Things have changed - I am now based in Penryn, Cornwall and am living on a houseboat. But, I am still and will always be dancing! :-) 

At the moment I manly offer private and small group tango lessons in and around Cornwall - please see the flyer and get in touch if you're interested to work with me. I will keep you posted of any other developments.

I am also preparing a new cycle of Shamanic Tango workshops - first one to be a retreat in West Penwith's enchanting Rosemerryn centre ( - 6th March 2016! Very excited about this. More information coming very soon.. 

Meanwhile hope you are managing to stay peaceful and happy in the turbulent times we live in! Keep dancing! With love..

Dec '15 cont.

I warmly invite you to the new cycle of Shamanic Tango - Immersive spaces and intimate embraces! Click on the image to see the full flyer.

For more information about the upcoming March 2016 retreat - please go to the special workshops page.. 

copyright Delia Spatareanu

Aug '15

Times are transformational, and it is ALL CHANGE in BeeSpace! As of September I will be moving my tango activities to different locations in Cornwall.I will keep you posted of the changes, but for the month of August I am still around in Penzance and will be holding beginner classes with practice on Tuesdays and will also do one last milonga on Sunday 23rd Aug.. Please note that there will be no second class on Tuesdays though, but I will continue doing private lessons throughout the month.

I look forward to continuing to share the dance with you!

copyright Delia Spatareanu

July '15

Are you enjoying the warmth and beauty of the summer that is upon us? Down here in Cornwall summer really is a very special time. Light, beach, sea, festivals, music and of course tango is not stopping either.. 

I continue to do group tango lessons and the monthly milonga which is turning into a yummy and nourishing space with all levels local dancers, food feasts plus with guests too, last month from as far as Devon and Bath :-). 

I would also like to say that (with your lead in this) I am doing more private lessons these days, and because of the effect they have (i.e.. they are faster and deeper way to access this dance and our own best dancer within) I am going to focus on doing them even more in the future. I can be quite flexible with the times plus, if there is a few of you wishing to group up on a day and also live further away, I am open to traveling to you instead of you having to come down to Penzance. So if you are interested, please get in touch.. I also have vouchers available in case you wish to give a dance lesson as a gift to a friend or a family member.

Happy summer dancing!

May '15

Happy Beltane! 

May the seedlings of your new ideas, hopes and dreams flower into manifestation this Spring. Nourished by the light and fire may they also bring forth new alignments and balance we all need on our beautiful Earth on so many levels these days.

Tango can help by focusing us exactly on that balance, between masculine and feminine, body and mind, movement and stillness.. Come join the dance floor! Classes and milongas await you. The last month's milonga at Beespace was oh, so delicious and full of bounce!

See the Calendar and other pages for more info..

copyright Jelena Tasic

April '15

Happy Spring everyone!

It seems to me that whilst the days are getting longer, the time we feel we have available is getting shorter, as we tend to fill it with more and more things to do! With more light there is more outward expansion, but just as we feel we need to fill our time with work and duties, to balance the scales we need to allow ourselves to have more time to play too. What better way to do that than dancing :-)

Copyright Delia Spatareanu

March '15

This month Spring changes are afoot!

Following my enquiry and the feedback I got from many of you who come to my tango classes in Penzance, I can finally say that things are official :-)
From Tue 17th March I will be joining together, back to back, the usual Tuesdays Beginner class and the regular Fridays Intermediate/Advanced class, and will be running them all together on Tuesdays from then on! There are few reasons for this, but one of the main ones is to bring again the tango dancers of all levels in Cornwall into one space, to mix, socialise, learn and dance on the same night. My hope is that most of you who do come to the classes will be able to accommodate this change into your daily lives and that in that way our Cornish tango dancing community will become even richer and ever more enjoyable.

I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

Please see Calendar for details about dates, times etc. of the tango classes, practicas and milongas that I run.

Copyright Biljana Lipic

Feb 2015

HAPPY IMBOLC everyone!

During this beautiful 'quickening of the year', time of renewed hope and potency of life stirring inside our bellies, I myself would like to invite you to clear the space and bring more fiery tango as well as warming thoughts and creativity into your lives!

This month I am excited to announce that the photographs I took during a residency at the Newlyn Arts Festival last year, will be shown from 10th-21st Feb in the Newlyn Art Gallery's Cafe. You can also see the article about it in the blog Fish On Friday. I will soon be updating the website with the photographs as well, so watch this space..

And of course, visit the Calendar and BeeSpace hexagons for practical information about the Argentine tango classes and events I run here in Cornwall, UK. To sign for my newsletter lists click here.